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Positioning & Safety

Collision Avoidance

Overload Protection
& Weight Indication

Tandem Crane Safety

LIDAR technology to prevent crane to crane and crane to wall collisions. Program slow and stop limits from the floor via mobile device. 

Load cell systems to prevent hoist overload and slack rope conditions. Hoist monitoring and data logging functionality. Weight feedback to displays. 

Wirelessly share end of travel or stop limit switch or anti-collision status between two cranes when in tandem mode. Eliminates unsafe load shifts due to unsynchronized tandem bridge motions.

Zone Protection


Create no fly zones where overhead crane and trolley movement is prohibited due to fixed floor based equipment or structure. Available are simple systems using limit switches as well as fully configurable systems that use laser distance meters.

Side Pull Protection


Prevent dangerous conditions and costly downtime by detecting hoist side pulling and off center picks. The load cell and tilt sensor combination provide the ultimate in hoist safety and reduction in maintenance.

Robot Protection

System that prevents the collision of bridges or trolleys with the vertical movement of robots. Wireless communication between the crane and equipment on the floor guarantees safe passage of cranes over moving floor based equipment.

Obstacle Detection

WhatsApp Image 2024-01-15 at 12.26_edited.png

With laser scanning technology, draw a custom safety zone that detects when obstructions are in the path of crane bridges. Perfect for preventing collisions with equipment like aerial work platforms.

Multi Level
Crane Protection

Prevent collisions between cranes running on runways with more than one elevation. Wireless crane to crane communication shares hook height position and bridge position relative to each other.

Crane Safety Lights
& Warning Devices

4 RED LINES_edited.png

Create personnel awareness of overhead crane and hoist proximity by projecting lines or symbols on the floor underneath cranes.
Further enhance awareness with audible and visual warning devices. 

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