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Crane Safety Lights & Warning Devices

LED Line Lights

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Project ultra visible lines beneath trolleys and bridges to alert personnel of overhead crane and hoist proximity. Convenient turnkey kits available.

Audible/Visual Warning Devices

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Combination audible and visual warning devices. Each unit is volume adjustable and capable of multiple colors and tones selectable through wire connection.

LED Symbol Projectors


Project warning symbols or text to indicate the presence of overhead crane loads. Standard and custom symbols available.

Custom Solutions
& Kits

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Application specific solutions like motion and position specific triggering of lights. Bring us your requirements.

High Bay LED Lights

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Standard, off the shelf LED high bay lights with heavy duty mounting brackets and safety lanyards for overhead crane applications. High temperature and high wattage configurations available.

Full Crane Safety Light Offering

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Full crane safety lights catalog

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